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Virtualization Planning

Virtualization Planning & Design Framework Service

First Step in Creating a Virtualized Environment

Virtualized environments can help companies improve their business functions, optimize operational efficiencies and meet the changing needs of a modern business. But it can also introduce network complexity and new management challenges.

Xband Enterprises Virtualization Planning & Design Framework Service helps organizations develop a comprehensive virtualization strategy. Experts work collaboratively with you and your client to help meet the technical, business and financial requirements for their virtualization project.

To attain the full benefits of a virtualized environment, planning and design must be coordinated among the various stakeholders including server, storage, security and network.

Service Overview

This service assists organizations with the planning and design activities required for a successful virtualization project. A comprehensive review of the customer’s business and technical environments will be completed to determine risk areas, identify implementation best practices and provide recommendations for an end-state virtualization environment.

The following areas will be addressed:
  • Users and devices
  • Budget
  • Application usage, testing & implementation
  • Active directory
  • Server
  • Storage
  • Database management
  • Network
  • Personalization
  • Peripherals
  • Mobility
  • System monitoring & management
  • Testing processes and change control procedures
  • Technical support
  • End user security
  • Disaster planning/business continuity
  • IT staff training and end user application training

At the conclusion of the review, a comprehensive Executive Summary will be presented detailing the initial findings as well as short- and long-term goals. The framework report will define the components of an industry standard environment, outline challenges and steps for remediation and provide a high- level plan identifying tasks and dependencies to implement recommended environment changes.

Virtualization Planning and Design
Transfer of Knowledge
Accelerate Progress
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