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Trusted Compute

Improve Server Security and Protect Your Business in the Cloud

Providing hardware-based verification

Xband Enterprises uses Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT)1 to provide security controls to help ensure that your workloads are running on trusted hardware.

The protection of your data and applications is important, especially when leveraging cloud infrastructure. In an on-site data center environment, physical access to hardware and control over security makes that protection relatively easy, but on-site data centers are prohibitively expensive and don’t provide the same flexibility and scalability of off-site cloud resources.

But they also introduce new, evolving security challenges that require increasingly capable security tools and techniques. As attacks on infrastructure continue to grow in volume and sophistication, you need to know that your information is secure, that off-site hardware can be verified and trusted, and that your cloud environment can meet rigorous compliance requirements.

Xband Enterprises and Intel TXT provide that peace of mind.

Bare Metal Performance
Trusted Compute Environment
Compliance and Governance Management

This is the root of trust: sophisticated technologies which work at a level where software cannot.

Establish the root of trust
at system launch

Intel TXT provides a processor-based evaluation of a system’s critical firmware and software components at launch by measuring and storing a known-good system configuration. When a system launches in the cloud, Intel TXT compares the system’s key platform software to your known-good configuration measurement and then determines if the information matches: firmware, BIOS, operating system, and/ or hypervisor code.

Create trusted
compute pools

The measurements made by Intel TXT provide a new control point for creating trusted pools of servers. In a trusted pool, each platform demonstrates the integrity of key components in the launch process. If a platform cannot be verified, it can be dropped out of the pool and remediated.

Improve auditing
and compliance

Intel TXT provides a rigorous enforcement point for launch-time integrity. Through application programming interfaces (APIs), Intel TXT also plugs into a reporting mechanism that can offer visibility into system status to support auditing and compliance.2 With a foundation based on Intel TXT, your bare metal Xband Enterprises environments are more trusted components of your company’s security portfolio.

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