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A Business Continuity Solution for Ransomware

How ShareSync protects you during a ransomware attack

ShareSync by Xband Enterprises, a 2-in-1 backup and file sharing service, offers a complete file management solution. Among its benefits: users stay up-and-running during a ransomware outbreak.


Complete 2-in-1

Instantly Roll Back

Instantly roll back to
uninfected files

Access Clean Files

Access clean files
on any device

Keep Users Productive

Keep users productive

Avoid Paying Ransome

Avoid paying ransom

Save Money

Save money

If any user in your business gets hit with ransomware, you should instantly close the computer and isolate it from your network. The computer needs to be wiped and restored from backup. These are the best practices that will prevent the infection from spreading. However, if you have ShareSync in place, your users won’t be idled during this process. Here’s how it works.

Step 1

Close or isolate the infected computer(s)

Your first priority is to ensure the crypto-ransomware doesn’t spread. Close any computer that’s infected. Cut off network access if you have to—whatever you have to do until you get the infection contained. Call IT support immediately.

Step 2

Roll back ShareSync’s file archive

Using an uninfected computer, your IT support person will access ShareSync’s admin settings and roll-back the user’s folders to the moment in time just before the infection occurred.

Step 3

Get back to work using alternate devices

You can get back to work using any other PC or mobile device. On the PC, you can access files through ShareSync’s web interface; on a tablet or phone, you can use the ShareSync app. Meanwhile, your IT support will work on restoring the original device. Any edits you make to files will be synced to the original device as it’s being restored.

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