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Patented Protect ID™ Dual Channel Multifactor Authentication

Credentials sent on a Single Channel Multifactor Authentication System protected by SSL / TLS can be vulnerable to a Man-in-the-Middle attack.

Man-in-the middle attacks are also becoming increasingly common as a way to steal credentials even as they travel through SSL / TLS transport security. Today’s hackers find these security protocols a mere slight impediment that can easily be overcome using various hacking techniques. Multifactor authentication was developed to strengthen security, but unfortunately each year, many major organizations encounter significant cyber security breaches involving the security gaps in traditional multifactor Single Channel “in-band” authentication, which sends username and passwords on the same channel.

ACS patented Dual Channel Multifactor Authentication splits the username from the password, and sends both pieces of information over two separate channels (i.e Internet and Phone), vs. just on a single channel, averting any man-in-the middle attempt. ACS Dual Channel, Multifactor Authentication offers true “out-of-band” authentications, wherein the PIN / OTP is entered in a second channel. ACS solutions work with both desktop and mobile and easily integrate with ongoing and future business initiatives such as BYOD, mobile enablement and cloud services.

If you’re not separating your credentials and sending them on different channels / networks, you can’t fully protect them from being stolen.
ProtectID Multi-channel Out-of-Band Authentication

ACS Patented ProtectID™ Dual-Channel Multifactor Authentication

Helps eliminate the man-in-the middle attacks with Patented Dual Channel “Out-of-band” Multifactor Authentication. Secures logins for:

  • Websites and remote access
    • Transaction verification process, VPNs and Citrix.
    • Office 365, Single sign-on
    • Built-in Authentication Redundancy
  • Supports six different authentication methods and multiple deployment options.
  • C a n be deployed 100% on premise, in cloud or a hybrid.
  • Easy to provision and use: Multi-tier administration and audit logs for compliance.
  • Works with existing Authentication system.
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