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The Road to a Secure Compliant Cloud


Technology innovation can change not only how enterprises are run, but the way people work. Business is now relying on IT as a collaborative partner in the transformation process. Companies must now strive for a solution in which they can trust all managed systems, from hardware up through hypervisor, for use cases such as data privacy, geolocation (data location), boundary control, geo-fencing, and intelligent decryption.

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Build a trusted infrastructure with a solution stack from Intel®, IBM Cloud,* VMware,* and HyTrust

A teamed solution delivered by Xband Enterprises: Agility, flexibility, trust, and compliance

Enterprises face more competition now than ever before. Innovative business models are disrupting to transform the way they do business. Corporations must innovate to stay ahead of the competition, deliver new services to attract and retain new customers, and keep their costs as low as possible.


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