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HyTrust KeyControl Whitepaper


HyTrust KeyControl + VMware vSphere 6.5 VM Encryption = Greater Security Together

“Role based key management (in the HyTrust DataControl product) actually allows us to place encryption control into our clients’ hands, simplifying our contract and their audits.” 1

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How It Works

The ESXi host (managed by vCenter) generates and uses an internal key, called the data encryption key (DEK), to encrypt virtual machines and disks. The vCenter server then requests a key from HyTrust KeyControl. This key, known as the key encryption key (KEK), is then used to encrypt the DEK. vCenter Server stores only the each DEK, but the KEK wraps the DEK to protect it. HyTrust is the only VMware-approved KMIP vendor that VMware has invested in—ensuring a smooth customer experience.

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