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Data Exchange Layer

Easy, one-to-many app integration and instant communication

An Open Standard and Ecosystem

Enterprises and developers can now easily connect, share data, and orchestrate security tasks across applications using a real-time application framework. A new, open software development kit (SDK) reduces the integration effort, fragility, and time delays that are holding back cybersecurity efficiency.

Shorten the workflows of the
threat defense life-cycle

Nearly instant sharing of information and orchestration of tasks can shrink time to detect, contain, and correct newly identified threats.

Reduce integration delays, effort, and complexity across security products and vendors

Our open platform lets you connect security products from multiple vendors with your own applications and tools, without waiting for vendor negotiations. The power of choice is in your hands.

Increase the value of the
applications you deploy
Applications can now share the useful threat data they generate and guide or take action immediately.

An Open Standard and Ecosystem

There is a better way—and it is becoming an open industry standard as part of the Open Data Exchange Layer (OpenDXL) initiative. The goals of the OpenDXL initiative are to increase integration flexibility, simplicity, and opportunity for developers and to improve security operations for organizations that deploy it. The first phase of the OpenDXL initiative provides an SDK to expand access to and use of the McAfee® Data Exchange Layer (DXL) to new developers and participants, exponentially increasing the value of a DXL integration or deployment.

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