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Cloud Security

Security assessment services for cloud computing

Provide a security best practices gap analysis of your cloud solution

A compromise to the security of your cloud solution can adverselyimpact your mission-critical operations and also put the users of yourcloud services and sensitive data at risk. In order to ensure that you areoperating securely in the cloud, you need to first assess and understandthe effectiveness of your existing cloud security controls, identify gapswhere desired security objectives are not being met and take correctivesteps to improve your cloud’s security posture.

Professional Security Services Cloud Computing – cloud security consulting – cloud security assessment is designed to help you gain anin-depth understanding of the current state of your cloud solution’ssecurity controls, mechanisms and architecture. Our assessment professionals help you compare your cloud’s security program against indus-try best practices and your own cloud security objectives—then identifysteps to help improve your overall security posture.

Assessing your cloud solution’s security program against best practices

Our service helps you conduct a thorough security analysis of your current or planned cloud solution—for both private and public cloud environments. The review assesses the effectiveness of your cloud security as it relates to identity and access management, data protection,application security, infrastructure protection, physical security and overall security governance and compliance. Our consultants review your solution’s security architecture, practices and policies in comparison to industry best practices. The assessment helps us identify the strengths and vulnerabilities within your existing cloud infrastructure security program and recommend steps to improve your security posture.

Providing recommendations to strengthen yourcloud solution’s security

Once the assessment phase is completed, our cloud security professionals compare current state assessment findings against industry best practices. This gap analysis enables us to evaluate the overall maturity of your existing security program and identify areas where security objectives are not being met. The analysis also helps us provide recommendations to improve the overall security posture of your cloud environment.

Leveraging expertise to help achieve cloudsecurity goals

Our service experts have cross-industry experience in providing cloud and security solutions to numerous clients across the globe. We follow international best practices standards and leverage thought leadership to help you determine your cloud security priorities and help you ensure that your cloud security needs meet your business requirements.

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