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Cloud Migration Service

Enable Rapid Cloud Migration

Realize Time-to-Value

Companies of all sizes are rapidly incorporating public, private and hybrid cloud environments when planning their data center strategy to increase flexibility and reduce capital expense. The most critical and complex aspect of this transformation is the ability to effectively migrate data and applications without negatively impacting the business.

Cloud environments require different resources to build, configure and replicate these complex environments. Due to the variance in types of data, kinds of servers, amounts of data and applications, how companies proceed with their migrations can vary dramatically.

With Xband Enterprises Cloud Migration Service, you can ensure that your business will have a successful migration of workloads to the Cloud from the data center regardless of the complexity of the environment.

Service Overview

The Xband Enterprises Cloud Migration Service provides a holistic solution that our clients need to easily migrate applications and their associated data or work-loads to the Cloud. This includes nearly any x86 server including bare metal and virtual servers using any hypervisor.

Xband Enterprises will provide project management and engineering services to validate migration candidates, plan the migration, provision the target environment and migrate the workloads to the cloud. The process is completed with data synchronization and end-user testing.


The Xband Enterprises Cloud Migration Service includes:

  • Project Management including scheduling, coordinating and assisting Xband Enterprises personnel assigned to the project as well as serving as the single point of contact with the Client’s assigned personnel.
  • Migration Planning including:
    • Identification of the specific workloads to be migrated
    • Validation of a migration and cutover strategy
  • Migration of the identified workloads including provisioning of the cloud environment and data synchronization.
Reduce Migration Time
Enhance Security
Dynamic Compute Environments
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